Sale Procedure for Realtors

The Verge Condominiums
Realtor Access for Units Listed for Sale

Prior to listing your unit for sale, you should contact The Verge’s property manager, Ms. Cherie Haven of MacPhersons Property Management at [email protected] (425-747-5900).

Realtor key boxes are not to be attached on or around the building and may be removed as a violation of HOA regulations concerning common areas.

1)    Main Building Entry: Prospective buyers may gain entry to the building through the call box at the front door that is programmed to your preferred phone number. You may request to have your realtor’s phone number programmed to the call box so that he/she may provide access to prospective buyers on your behalf (Example call box entry: “Sale Unit 119”).

2)    Unit Entry: Your unit key should be installed on your unit door (the LeverGrip by ShurLok is a good solution for lever handle doors).  

3)  Resale Certificates: should be ordered through 

Finally, we ask that you notify The Verge’s property manager, Cherie Haven, once your unit has sold.